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Home Remedy To Restore Virginity


Hi, I lost my virginity two years before now I am getting married in four months and can't go for surgery or to clinic for this, kindly give me home remedy or some medicines or anything to restore virginity. Is there something I can do for vagina tightening? Please help me.

The Expert's Answer

Yes, you have heard it right. There are safe and natural methods to tighten your loose genital. But before we talk about home remedy to restore virginity, let's see more about a myth called virginity. It's true that virginity was considered to be a must for an unmarried woman. But as you know, times are fast changing. With fast dating etc. in place, not too many are worried about virginity any more. Moreover, hymen could be broken due to physical activities. Cycling, sports activities etc. can definitely pave way for a broken hymen. So, it's not just about sex when we talk about a broken hymen. Today's men understand this and not too many raise hell over this matter anymore. You need to be little more confident to deal with this problem. However, if you are getting married to a traditional man, may be your fears hold value. But then again, virginity cannot be restored just like that. You only have mentioned about the surgery. If you don't know already, surgery is an extremely painful and expensive method to restore the broken hymen. But not too many go for that anymore! It's really crazy to even think about that. It's really good that you have thought of a home remedy to restore virginity.

Restore Genital TightnessHowever, there is no particular home remedy to restore virginity. Instead of a home remedy to restore virginity, I can suggest couple of exercises that can be of very help to deal with this problem. Kegel exercises can help restore the elasticity of your genital. Kegal exercise is also known as pelvic floor muscle exercise. When you do this exercise continuously for couple of weeks, you will be able to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Kegal exercise is generally advised for keeping the reproductive system strong. If you are able to do it for a certain period, you will be able to improve the tightness of your genital. Holding cone shaped weight in your genital area is another important exercise that you can try at home. You can get these cone shaped objects from the market. Try different weights for couple of weeks to improve the overall strength of your reproductive system. Doing these exercises can definitely improve the tightness of your genital. As the tightness increases, you will again start feeling like a virgin.

However, you can also try some of these herbal tablets to obtain the same result. Aabab tablet is the best herbal remedy to restore the tightness of genital passage. It's one of the widely suggested tablets to deal with looseness of your genital. This tablet is 100% safe and natural. This tablet doesn't have chemicals in it as it is made of 100% herbs. Powerful herbs have been in use for centuries to deal with this problem and the same herbs are used in this tablet as well. This tablet is extremely effective in improving the tightness of a loose genital. However, you will have to use this tablet for couple of weeks to get maximum benefit out of this. You will have to insert this tablet in your genital before you hit bed. The tablet will start working its magic in few minutes' time.


Insert one Aabab tablet into the vagina one hour before lovemaking daily or alternate day to tighten your genital passage fast and effectively.

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