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How Can I Tighten My Vagina Before Marriage To Enjoy Sex With My Husband?


Hi, I was in physical relationship with my boyfriend for a very long period. Now I am getting married in two months with someone else and I want to hide this fact from my future husband. How can I tighten my loose vagina before marriage to take full pleasure of sex with my husband? Is there any other way instead of surgery to tighten the genital passage like virgin?

The Expert's Answer

First of all, I should tell you that most of the emails I receive are centered on virginity. From that it's very clear that virginity is a worrisome issue for many young women out there. Although it sounds like a silly complaint in today's times, we should realize the fact that women are forced to give importance to virginity due to the traditional thinking of men. Despite having a sea change in the attitude towards sex and relationships in the young generation, a conservative thought process is still rampant. You don't have to engage in lovemaking to break your hymen. Sometimes, simple physical exercises are more than enough for this to happen. Keeping that in mind, it's ridiculous to give importance to virginity beyond a certain point. But then, it's not in your hands when it comes to changing the thought process of several men overnight. So, one has to be practical in this matter. In your case, you suspect that you have a loose genital. Well, there are ways to fix a loose genital. A tight genital is not just about virginity, but also about improving the lovemaking experience for both the partners. So, your quest to tighten loose vagina before marriage is perfectly normal. In fact, it is important to tighten loose vagina before marriage for the sake of the satisfaction only.

Tighten Loose GenitalTo tighten loose vagina before marriage, one can try several methods. But herbal remedies are the best to tighten loose vagina before marriage. There is a reason behind the popularity of herbal remedies in this regard. Herbal remedies do not have harmful chemicals in it and that's the best thing about these remedies. Nobody wants to be subjected to side effects. Also, herbal remedies have been in use for centuries to deal with all sorts of sexual disorders, including vaginal problems. Our ancestors knew very well about the power of certain herbs in treating such conditions. References of herbs can be found even on the epics. So, you can be certain of the effectiveness of herbal products. Although there are several herbal products available in the market, I would suggest you to use Aabab tablet considering the fact that this tablet has been considered as extremely effective by the physicians and users alike. For the same, this tablet is one of the top brands in the market. Therefore I am 100% certain that you will be able to regain the original elasticity and form of your genital with the proper use of this tablet.

Speaking of proper use of Aabab tablet, you will have to use this tablet for minimum 4 weeks to find a proper cure. Although it can give a temporary result with one time use, you will have to use it for a long period of time to resolve this problem for good. You don't have to worry about the long use considering it's a fully herbal product. These herbs are no way dangerous to your body. Therefore, you can try this tablet without fear. Besides improving the tightness of your genital, this tablet will strengthen the whole vaginal area.


Insert one Aabab tablet into the genital passage one hour before lovemaking daily or alternate day to tighten your loose vagina naturally without surgery.

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