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How Can I Tighten My Vagina Naturally?


I lost my virginity five years back, I was in physical relation with someone for three years, but from last two years I am not in physical contact with anyone but my vagina upper lips have become very loose. I did mistake in my past but now I don't want to lose my future husband or don't want to spoil my married life. Please suggest me what to do and how can I tighten my vagina without having surgery?

The Expert's Answer

To begin with, virginity is not the most important aspect of a marriage. There are several other factors that contribute to a successful marriage other than virginity. I have noticed that several young women start worrying about this problem close to their marriage. You need to realize the fact that we are no longer living in another century. Things have changed. Morality has changed. With that attitudes also have changed. Since dating is very common these days, not too many worry about virginity. Also, hymen can be broken in several other ways besides sex. Physical activities like running, cycling etc. can result in a broken hymen. So, a broken hymen is not the right measure of virginity. In your case, you have mentioned about a past relationship. It's totally unnecessary to lose sleep over a relationship happened in the past. But if you are worried about a loose genital, then there are ways to fix it. As for surgery, it's not at all recommended. Surgery will definitely make a huge hole in your pocket. Moreover, it's going to be a very painful process. You don't have to put yourself through any of that when it comes to finding a solution to this problem. My suggestion is to look for natural methods to tighten your genital. To tighten vagina naturally, there are plenty of methods. But if you ask me, I will suggest herbal tablets to tighten vagina naturally. Herbal tablet is a great remedy to tighten vagina naturally considering the fact that these tablets are made of herbs alone.

Tighten Loose GenitalTo tighten vagina naturally, I would ask you to use Aabab tablet considering the fact that it is one of the most widely recommended herbal tablets for this problem. Aabab tablet can tighten vagina naturally considering the presence of powerful herbs as ingredients. However, you will have to use this tablet continuously for couple of weeks to find a permanent solution to this problem. Herbal tablets are extremely effective and there are no two ways about it. But at the same time, they take their own time to provide the result. So, if you are getting married in few weeks' time, I would suggest you to start using this tablet right away, so that you will have a tight genital by the time you will get married. Although it's a tablet you will not have to consume it orally. You will be inserting this tablet inside your genital every day before hitting the bed at night. It would be ideal to use this tablet half an hour before going to sleep. Within few minutes, you will see the effects of this tablet. Although it will bring temporary tightness when you use it, continuous use is a must for a prolonged or permanent tightness in your genital.

You can buy this tablet from leading health websites considering the fact that you wouldn't require prescription to use this tablet. Besides solving the loose genital problem, it solves many other problems associated with loose genital. First and foremost, Aabab tablet will eliminate the bad odor associated with this problem. Not just that, it will increase the sensitivity and pleasure in your genital walls. Lubrication also will be improved as it is extremely important to have wonderful lovemaking.


Insert one Aabab tablet into the vagina one hour before lovemaking daily or alternate day to tighten your loose genital passage naturally without having surgery.

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