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Pre-Marital Sex And Abortion Have Made My Vagina Loose, How To Tighten It Again?


I had lost my virginity to my boyfriend by having sexual intercourse with him for more than 100 times. I also had an abortion last year. Due to this, my vagina has become loose. Kindly suggest me way to restore vaginal tightness other than hymenoplasty.

The Expert's Answer

It's good that you have ruled out hymenoplasty. To begin with, surgery is an extremely painful and expensive method to deal with this problem. Now coming to virginity, your worries are mostly unwanted. But you have mentioned that you had lovemaking sessions several times in the past. From that I deduct that you are worried about a loose genital. As for abortion, it hasn't got anything to do with this condition. Abortion and loose genital are no way related. Considering you are looking for a cheap and painless method to restore the tightness in your genital, I would ask you to use a herbal remedy to deal with this problem. Why herbal remedy? Well, allopathic medicines offer side effects. Ayurveda or herbal remedies have no such complications. Above all, powerful herbs have been in use for centuries to deal with such problems. To tighten loose vagina I would suggest you to use a herbal tablet. Aabab herbal tablet is the best that I can come up with to tighten loose vagina. To tighten loose vagina, you will have to use this herbal tablet continuously for few weeks. How to use Aabab tablet to tighten loose vagina? Well, Aabab tablet can tighten loose vagina with the powerful ingredients present in it.

Tighten Loose GenitalWhat are the directions of usage for Aabab tablet to tighten loose vagina? First of all, you will not have to use this tablet orally. You are required only to insert this tablet inside your vaginal area. You are suggested to do it before you hit bed at night. It would be best if you use this tablet 30 minutes prior to hitting the bed. When you use this tablet continuously for few weeks, the tightness of your genital will be restored for good. And you can lead a happy married life with the new man in your life.

What are all the advantages of using Aabab tablet? There are plenty of advantages besides the tightening process. First and foremost, it nourishes and tones the genital wall muscles. This tablet is extremely effective in dealing with the vaginal dryness as well. Since this tablet has got anti-inflammatory properties, it can cure the inflation inside the genital walls. Excess vaginal discharge is one of the main concerns when it comes to this condition. When you use this tablet in a continuous manner for couple of weeks, you will be able to nourish the whole reproductive system. Women of all ages can use this tablet without fear considering the fact that it's made of herbs only. Hormonal balance also will be restored in your genital when you opt for this tablet. The hormonal imbalance is one of the main reasons behind the problems in your reproductive system. Also, you will need plenty of nutrients for the proper functioning of your reproductive system and this tablet will take care of the constant supply of nutrients to your body. Lubrication also will be improved when you use this tablet for a certain period of time. Lubrication is essential in bringing the sensation and pleasure back in the genital.


Insert one Aabab tablet into the genital passage one hour before lovemaking daily or alternate day to restore vaginal tightness naturally.

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