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My Husband Says My Vagina Is Too Loose, How To Fix It?


My husband says my vagina is too loose. We both are not able to enjoy our intimate moments as previous. What can I do to tighten up my loose vagina? I cannot afford vaginoplasty. I have been doing the kegel exercise for month and there is not much of a difference. Is there anything that you know can help me?

The Expert's Answer

I can understand what you go through when your husband says vagina is too loose. But let me tell you one thing that you are not alone in this. I know it's difficult when your husband says vagina is too loose, but you have got to realize the fact you can tighten your genital with natural methods. Yes, having a loose genital can affect your lovemaking. It can leave both husband and wife unsatisfied. Having a tight genital is important for both the partners to enjoy the lovemaking. In your case, you already know about vaginoplasty and kegel exercises. From that I deduct the fact that you already have a good knowledge about this condition and you are very eager to find a permanent solution to this problem. Yes, as you said vaginoplasty is not at all an economical solution. Moreover, vaginoplasty is an extremely painful process. I wouldn't recommend that for many. It should be done only in case of some peculiar cases. Otherwise you shouldn't think about vaginoplasty at all. Since your husband says vagina is too loose, you will have to find a solution fast.

Loose Genital RemedyNow coming to kegel exercises, yes these exercises are meant to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle. By strengthening this muscle you will strengthen the whole reproductive system, and in turn you will get your vaginal elasticity as well. But it takes very long for some people to see noticeable improvement with this exercise. Since you haven't found much success so far with this exercise, I would recommend you to go for a herbal tablet. Herbal tablets are 100% natural and safe. Herbal tablets are made of powerful herbs. On top of it, herbs have been in use for several centuries now to handle such problems. Therefore a herbal tablet with the right mix can do it for you. I would like to suggest Aabab tablet, considering the fact that many women have found solace with this powerful tablet. Moreover, it's a highly recommended tablet by physicians. So, I would ask you to go for this tablet to find a relief.

Aabab tablet is highly recommended for the fact that it has got so many advantages attached to it. First and foremost, it removes bad odor from your genital. This tablet will increase lubrication and that will result in improved sensitivity and pleasure during love making. Yeast infection is another side effect of loose genital and Aabab tablet will avoid that problem. Also, the lack of nutrients is what makes matters worse. This tablet will provide the necessary nutrients which are required. Hormonal balance in your genital will also be restored when you use this tablet for a certain period of time. Above all, it's a painless and natural method. Physicians recommend this tablet for these reasons. After using this tablet for a certain period of time, the tightness in your genital will be restored to its original form. With that, you will be able to enjoy lovemaking session all over again. It will be the same for your husband as well and he will stop complaining about the loose genital. I request you to start using the tablets right away to save your marriage.


Insert one Aabab tablet into the vagina one hour before lovemaking daily or alternate day to tighten up your loose genital passage for intense lovemaking experience.

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