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I Lost My Hymen, Any Inexpensive Way To Restore Virginity


Hi, I did sex with my boyfriend uncountable times but he had cheated me and left me alone. I have lost my hymen and virginity. Now I want to restore it but I don't have enough money for surgery because my parents do not know about my lost of hymen/virginity. I am getting married next month. I do not want that my husband know about my past relationship and that I have already lost my hymen. Please tell me any inexpensive homemade treatment /or any medicine to restore my virginity. Please help me.

The Expert's Answer

Before anything else, I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend left you after cheating on you. Well, I must say it is better not to have a partner if that partner is a cheater. So, you should be thankful to him for leaving you. May be something better is in store for you. Therefore, I wish you a great married life in advance. Now coming to your problem, it's totally silly to worry about lost hymen or virginity. It's time for you to realize the fact that virginity is a totally over rated concept in today's world. Being a modern woman, you shouldn't worry about this much. Even teenagers engage in speed dating these days and being worried about virginity is not at all ideal in today's world. Moreover, hymen could be broken in many ways beyond sex. Physical activities like running, cycling or sports etc. can result in a broken hymen. So, it's totally stupid to associated broken hymen with lost virginity. Today's men are so much smarter for that. But then again, there is a large percentage of men out there who are very traditional in their thinking when it comes to these things. So, I wouldn't be surprised at your concern - more so because I get loads of emails with the same problem. However, let me break it you that you can bring your hymen back with surgery - but then you will have to shell out huge money to go through this process. And you have already mentioned that you are looking for an inexpensive way to restore virginity. When we talk about an inexpensive way to restore virginity, only herbal remedies come to my mind. Herbal tablet is an inexpensive way to restore virginity. Also, it's 100% natural and safe.

Restore Genital TightnessSince you are particular about an inexpensive way to restore virginity, I would suggest the very effective Aabab tablets. Why this tablet because it has been widely recommended by physicians. It is a top product considering the fact that satisfied users have endorsed this product. Above all, this tablet is made of only powerful herbs. There is not even 1% chemical in it. Therefore, you can stop worrying about side effects completely. When side effects are at bay, you can confidently try this product. Also, there is couple of advantages associated with this product. But before we get in to that, I should tell you the fact that you can buy it easily from leading health websites using credit card, debit card or paypal. They will dispatch this tablet to your address in few days' time. The best thing about online purchase is that they will not mention anything about the product on the cover. So that nobody will come to know about the fact that you have gone for this product.

Before I conclude, I should talk about the direction of use as well. It's not an oral pill. You will have to insert Aabab tablet in to your genital before you go to bed. This tablet will start doing the magic right away. However, for a permanent solution, you will have to use this tablet for several weeks. With continuous use, the elasticity of your vaginal will be restored to its original form.


Insert one Aabab tablet into the vagina one hour before lovemaking daily or alternate day to tighten your vagina like a virgin.

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