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Is There Any Natural Way To Make Vagina Tighter Again?


Hi, I am not a virgin. During my college days I had sex with my boyfriend and in final year I had undergone an abortion once. Now I am getting married and want to know if my husband can suspect me of not being a virgin. Due to my past relationship, my vagina has become quite loose. What could be done about it?

The Expert's Answer

First of all, I get so many emails with similar concerns. From that I deduct the fact that many women fear assume that virginity is the single most important issue in a married life. This is a totally wrong perception, I must add. Of course, many men give importance to virginity even in today's world and women are forced to worry about this. But women should understand the fact hymen could be broken even after a simple physical exercise. You don't have to have sex to break hymen. Moreover, in today's world, even teenagers started engaging in dating. That said, giving too much emphasis on virginity is really foolish. Many young, educated men understand this. So, I will have to remind you of the fact that your fear is mostly unnecessary. But if you are going to marry a rather traditional man, I think your concern is genuine. But then again, there is no need to panic. There is always a solution and it's only a matter of looking for it. If you are worried about your husband finding about your rather eventful past, I would suggest you to start thinking about improving the tightness of your genital. A tighter genital will also help you feel like a virgin. It will definitely enhance your self-confidence. However, I would suggest you to trust only natural methods considering the fact that allopathic medicines can pose serious threat as they are notorious for the side effects.

Make Genital TighterWhen we think about a natural way to make vagina tighter again, I will ask you to take the help of a herbal tablet. Herbal tablets are 100% safe considering the fact that these tablets contain only powerful herbs as ingredients. You don't have to swallow these tablets. You are supposed to insert the tablet in to your genital before you go to bed. It's better to do this half an hour before hitting the bed. The powerful herbal ingredients will start their job right away for you to have a tighter genital in few minutes itself. Herbal tablets are not just about tightening the genital. These tablets are supposed to take care of the overall health of your vaginal area. Herbal tablet is a natural way to make vagina tighter again.

Now when we come down to a suggesting a name, I would suggest you to use Aabab tablet considering the fact that these tablets are extremely effective. Aabab tablet is a natural way to make vagina tighter again. Physicians generally suggest this tablet keeping the effectiveness in mind. Besides working on the tightness of your genital, this tablet will eliminate the bad odor in your vaginal area. Since it is a natural way to make vagina tighter again, you don't have to worry about the side effects. As for the main advantages of using this tablet, we can see that it improves lubrication in your vaginal area. With optimum lubrication, your genital will become sensitive and that will increase the pleasure for you. You should start using this tablet today itself if you don't want your husband to find that you lost your virginity to your boyfriend before marriage. It is especially recommended if you think that it affects your overall wellbeing.


Insert one Aabab tablet into the genital passage one hour before lovemaking daily or alternate day to make your loose vagina tighter again.

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